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Deluxe Caveman/Moses Wig & Beard Set

Caveman Style Wigs with Beards

Item# C9204

Brown (Sold Out) - Lt. Gray (Sold Out) 

Only Dk. Gray Available

Care Instructions:
Hand wash, mild soap, flat dry, reshape, curl, brush as needed.

 $ 24.50 ea


Bo Peep Deluxe Wig

Bo Peep Wigs

Item# D 953
White Bo Peep Deluxe Wig

White Wig also Ideal for Deluxe Colonial Wig

Item#:D 957
Lt. Blue Bo Peep Deluxe Wig

Item#: D 955
Pink Bo Peep Deluxe Wig

$ 20.00 ea

Boxed. Hand Washable, Mild Soap, Reshape/Re-roll.


Select Color:
White  Light Blue  Pink

Deluxe Geisha Wig - Boxed

Deluxe Geisha Wig

Item# G2202

$ 19.50 ea


Deluxe Hawaiian Flowing Wig
w/ Flower - Boxed

Deluxe Hawaiian Flowing Wig

Item# H 3012

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Deluxe Multi-Colored Long, Shag Wigs/Boxed

Multi-Colored Shag Wigs

$15.00 ea

Item#: K 9603 Pink/Blue
Item#: K 9605 Fuchsia/Blue
Item#: K 9607 Lilac/Green
Item#: K 9609 Fuchsia/Yellow

Description: Gorgeous Colorful Long Shag Wigs
Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Mild Soap, Flat dry, fluff/re-style


Select Color:
Pink/Blue   Fuchsia/Blue    Lilac/Green    Fuchsia/Yellow

Deluxe Feather Wigs w/ Satin Lining

Deluxe Feather Wig

Item: T 24

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Cleopatra Wig w/ Gold Headband

Cleopatra Style Wig with Headband

Item#: C7012

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Deluxe, Washable Santa Wig and Beard Set - Boxed

Deluxe Santa Claus Wig and Beard Set

Item#: CX033

Price: $ 30.00 ea

Care Instructions: Hand wash, mild soap, flat dry, re-shape/re-roll