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Where you will find - Spanish Senorita, Latin Shirts, Spanish Hats, Fruit Headpieces, Ponchos, Mariachis, Sombrero, Centerpieces, Accessories, and more...
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Flamenco Dancer Costume

Item#: HR15386

Flamenco Dancer Costume 

Color is Black/Hot Pink (not light pink as pictured)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $17.50 ea
4 pcs - $15.00 ea ($60.00)

See below for Deluxe Exotic Spanish Dress

Latin Man's Shirt

Item#: FF760149

Fiesta Shirt

Black Shirt with Red/Black Ruffled Sleeves and Collar / Trimmed in Gold

Sold Out/Discontinued

Spanish Hat w/Red Tassel

Item#: 306 B

spanish_hat.JPG (69937 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.50 ea
12 - $2.50 ea ($30.00)


Add Chin Elastic to Spanish Hat Above
$1.00 ea



Red Tassel Rope Also Sold Separately


Select Packaging:
Individual - $.50 ea
12 - $.253ea ($6.00)


Latin Lady Fruit Headpiece/Hat

Item#: Fruit Hat


$8.50 ea


See Colorful Arm or Leg Leggings below


Chili Pepper Necklace

34in Red Bead Necklace with Large Chili Pepper Medallion

Item#: MGBD-2258

Chili Peppers Necklace

$3.50 ea ( to confirm stock before ordering)



Tutti Fruity

Small/Medium Adult Only

1 left

tutti_fruity_costumes.JPG (99902 bytes)

$17.95 ea


Please email to confirm stock before ordering.

Deluxe Seniorita Dress

Item#: RM365

Deluxe_Seniorita_Costume.jpg (92928 bytes)

Costume has 3 layers of Under Ruffled & can be used for Can Can also

Click Here to see this Spanish Dancer or Can Can Costume


Spanish Senorita Wig

Item#: CS07 Black

Seniorita_Wig_CS07B.jpg (118144 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.50 ea
12 @ $6.50 ea ($78.00)



Mustaches of all kinds

Click Here to see Mustaches


Fiesta Lady

Colorful Ruffled Costume

Item#: 50144

Fiesta Lady Costume

One Piece, Drop Waist, Long Sleeved Black Dress with Ruffled Sleeves and Bottom Ruffles

Includes Belt (runs small) or wear your own belt if needed

$20.00 ea


Select Size:
Standard   Large (Belt 30in)


Brazilian Leggings or Arm Ruffles

Item#: FF721279

Brazilian_Leggings_279880.jpg (32183 bytes)

Elastic in the top to wear over leggings or tights or on arms.  One Size Fits Most

Sold Out


Spanish Man Accessory Set

Item#: Spanish Man Set (3pcs)

(Wear your own White Shirt and Black Pants)

*Spanish Hat Above (#306B)

* Red 84" Satin Sash w/ Black Fringe

* Black 6 way Mustache




Click Here to Purchase Fringed Satin Sashes

Click Here to see Mustaches


See White, Black or Red Period Shirts on our Renaissance Page and Pirate Page

Exotic Spanish Senorita

Deluxe Senorita with Gorgeous Lace Trims 

Item#: FF50135

Exotic Spanish Lady Costume

Note: Belts are running very small and would need to be elongated for most people. Belts are approx 25in to 30in depending on the Dress Size

$30.00 ea


Sizes Available

Small Euro 38/USA 4

Small Euro 40 / USA 6

Medium Euro 42 / USA 8

Medium Euro 44 / USA 10

Med/Large Euro 46 / USA 12

Email to confirm Size in Stock before ordering. Large Quantity Prices as low as $20.00 ea

Mexican Ponchos

Item#: Mexican Poncho

Adult One Size /Colors Vary

Assorted Colors Only

poncho.jpg (91699 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $ 17.50 ea
4 - $ 15.00 ea ($60.00)

Click Here to see over the shoulder Bullet Belt

Latin Dancer

Item#: F57463


latin_dancer.JPG (77107 bytes)

Deluxe Costume include Top, Skirt, Fruit Hat

One Size/standard

Sold Out



Deluxe Velvet Burgundy and Silver Sombrero

Item#: Sombrero BG/S

Sombrero in Velvet with Designs

Used as a Display. Not Brand New

Made by Monarca - XXX Suprema Calidad



Only 1 Available


Deluxe Velvet Black and Silver Sombrero

Item#: Sombrero B/S

Sombrero Black Velvet and Silver Trim

Sold Out/Discontinued

Wood Maracas

Wood Maracas in Assorted Colors


maraches.JPG (43339 bytes)


Limited Inventory. Confirm stock if you need more than 1 pair before ordering.

Mexican Sombrero

Economy Mexican Sombrero

Assorted Colors


mexican_hat.JPG (66984 bytes)

See Character Hats for Sombreros

Chili Pepper Tissue Centerpiece

Item: B55632

fiesta_chili_pepper.JPG (40220 bytes)

17 inches


$4.50 ea


Yellow Tissue Sombrero 12in Centerpiece

Item#: B55212

fiesta_hat_centerpiece.JPG (42821 bytes)

12 inches


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea
4 - $3.75 ea ($15.00)


Fiesta Centerpieces

Miniature Fiesta Tissue Centerpieces

Set of 3   -  3in- 3.25in

Item#: B55309

fiesta_miniatures_centerpieces.JPG (28283 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $2.75 ea
4 - $2.00 ea ($14.00)


Happy Fiesta Decoration Kit

Item#: Decokit HF

+/- 40-42 pcs

$20.00 ea

fiesta_kit.JPG (32695 bytes)

Happy Fiesta Sign/Banner

Lots of Festooning



Miss Rio

Item#: Miss Rio

Miss Rio Costume

Includes Top / Skirt / Headband

Close-Out $12.50 ea



Chili Pepper Bandanas

Item#: Bandana ChPep

Chili Pepper Bandanas

Sold Out