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Where you will find - Fruit, Feathered, Mardi Gras, Imported, Deluxe, Show Girl Headpieces, and more...
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IMPORTANT NOTICE!NOTICE: If you are placing an order for shipment in Florida which is exempt from Florida sales tax or is to be shipped to USA off-shore Territories or export/outside of the United States, CLICK HERE for important information before you shop.

Note: All hats are Full Head/Adult Size unless otherwise Noted "Child". We can gladly special order for Children for large quantities.

Deluxe Feathered Headpieces

Black / Red / Gold or Blue

Black   Item#: F56834
Red      Item#: F54717
Blue     Item#: F56836
Gold     Item#: F56833
Purple  Item#: F56835 

deluxe_headpieces.JPG (102515 bytes)   deluxe_blue_headpiece.JPG (57567 bytes)   purple_showgirl.JPG (50862 bytes)

Note: Above Blue is actually a Dark/Royal Blue better seen when you click on the picture


Select Color:
Black (3) Red (3)   

Gold Sold Out / Purple Sold Out / Blue Sold Out


Jungle Head Piece

Tiger Jungle Print Feather Head Piece

Item#: F54718

tiger_feather_headpiece.JPG (59685 bytes)

 Sold Out/Discontinued


Flapper Headpieces

See our Roaring 20's page for Feathered and Beaded Headpieces!

Show Girl Headpiece

Item#: F57573

pink_flamingo_headpiece.JPG (68881 bytes)  Showgirl Headpieces

Note: Pink Sold Out

Note: Headbands have 3 Ostrich feather from 8 to 12 inches. Headbands vary in fullness as feathers vary.  Red Headband is Black Material Headband (no sequins)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea (All colors Available)
6 Red- $15.00 ea ($90.00)  (Only Red. Limit 1)
10 Assorted Only- $15.00 ea ($150.00) (1 Each color -No White) *Limit 1

Select Color:
Black  Blue (5)  Purple(4)  Dark Turquoise (4)
Red/Black  Mardi Gras  Black/Green (3)  Blue/White (1)  Red/White/Blue (1)

White Feathers with Iridescent White Sequins (2)

Assorted (Minimum 4 colors - Email to confirm colors. Does not include White)

Note: Purple Feathers and Black Sequins / Red Feathers and Black Sequins

Mardi Gras Purple Feathers-Green Feathers and Gold Sequins

Black Feathers and Green Sequins / Blue Feathers-White Feathers and Blue Sequins

It is best to email or call to confirm quantity if you need more than 1 per color!

Showgirl Headpiece

Deluxe Large Showgirl Headpieces

Item#: M6000

dlx_natural_headpiece_m6000_nat.JPG (84412 bytes)    Show Girl Headdress Red-Black    Feather Headpiece Deluxe Burgundy  Showgirl Headpiece Black

Feather Showgirl Headpiece   Feather Showgirl Headpiece Black White


Select Color:
Natural Feathers Purple
Black Feathers/Silver Sequins
Black-Royal Feathers-Royal Blue Sequins Leopard w/ Dk Red-Rust Feathers
Black  Black-White Burgundy
Black-Red Green

Select Packaging:
Individual - $85.00 ea
4 Assorted- $65.00 ea ($260.00)*

*Email to confirm colors needed if you need more than 1 of each color. Note colors in comment box at check out.

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Showgirl Headpiece

Deluxe Large Showgirl Headpiece with Silver Feathers

Item#: M6000 Dlx

blacksilver_headpiece.jpg (59465 bytes)

Only in Black and Silver

$95.00 (Only 1 Left)



Fruit Headpiece

Item#: Fruit Hat


Fruity Headpiece

$8.50 ea


Click Here to see Tuti Fruity and Cha Cha Showgirl Costumes and more

Roman Headpieces

Many Styles to choose from

Gold Leaf Wreath Headpiece

See our Cleopatra and Roman Leaf Headpieces on our Roman and Egyptian Page

or on our Easter Pageant Page

Fairy and Angel Headpieces

Click Hereto see Fairy and Angel Headpieces, Wings and  Accessories

Indian Headpieces

Click Here to see Indian Headpieces, Costumes and Accessories

Showgirl Headpieces

Like the above M6000 but slightly shorter feathers

Item#: H209


Picture Coming Soon    


$65.00 ea

Colors include: Rainbow / Multi / Black-Silver Sequins / Solid Black / Mardi Gras Colors / Green / Black-White / Leopard-Rust & Orange


Select Color:
Rainbow  Black Feathers/Silver Sequins Multi Leopard w/ Rust/Orange Feathers Black  Black-White Mardi Gras Green


Bone Headpiece

Glow-in-the-Dark Bone Headband

Item#: BoneHead GID

glow_bone_in_head.JPG (39030 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea
12 - $3.00 ea ($36.00) (limited 1dz)