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Big Daddy Costumes - Money Ho - Big Daddy Accessories

Rapper's Clock Necklace - Walking Canes


Big Daddy

Includes Pants, Shirt and Hat

Item#: FW 1108


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $17.50 ea ($70.00)

Big Daddy Plus Size Costume

Item#: FW1189

Includes Pants, Shirt, and Hat

Waist up to 50in

$27.50 ea *1 Left


Pimp Cane

Item#: F57383

$6.50 ea

pimp_cane.JPG (14615 bytes)

36 inches

Sold Out

Note: This Cane (and many weapons) ordered in conjunction with Hats or other tall items which would then require 2 separate boxes to ship would require that we redo your payment to reflect the 2 boxes.

Please email us if you need to order other tall items with this. Ordering this with Costumes or other flat items is OK

Money Ho

Item#: FW119404

money_ho_costume.jpg (1188616 bytes)

$19.95 ea

Includes Dress with Money Design and Boa with Money

Size Small (4/6/8) or Medium (8/10/12)


Select Size:
Small  Medium    


Big Daddy Necklace

Super Dollar Necklace

Item#: F60460

Big Daddy Super Dollar Necklace

(10in x 6in)

$4.00 ea



Big Daddy Ring

Item#: F59435

$5.00 ea

big_daddy_4finger_ring.JPG (98904 bytes)



Big Daddy Hats

See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately


King Strut

Item#: C73269

Jacket & Pants

$20.00 ea  Close-Out

king_strut.JPG (66506 bytes)

Hat not included


See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately for Great Black Big Daddy Hat


Dragon Walking Cane

Item#: HR358

Dragon Walking Stick 48in

Adjustable height

$8.50 ea



Big Money Daddy

Item#: FW118314

Big Money Daddy Pimp Costume

$old Out

Includes Embossed velvet jacket with $ print cuffs and collar / Pants with $ print cuffs / Hat



Big Daddy Leopard Cane

Leopard Walking Stick with Diamond Hand


 Pimp Cane or Staff with Diamond Head

This Unique Pimp Stick can be either a Staff or a Cane. Diamond Head is a Sparkling Water Globe.

$7.50 ea



Gold Tooth Cap

Plain  Item#:F57542

Dollar Sign $  Item#: F59428

Gold Tooth  Gold $ Big Daddy Tooth


Select Style:
Plain Gold- $1.50 ea
Gold Dollar $ - $2.00 ea


Big Daddy Cigar w/ Jewels

Big Daddy Cigar

Item#: F59349

Big_Daddy_Cigar.JPG (41803 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.50 ea
12 - $2.00 ea ($24.00)

Big Daddy Spats

Spats with Dollar Sign

Item#: F59411

big_daddy_gangster_spats.JPG (472373 bytes)

$6.50/pr (Only 1 pair left. Please email/call the office to confirm stock before ordering)


Rapper's Clock

Item#: F60938

Sold Out

Rapper's Clock Necklace

8in Diameter - 18in Chain


Big Pimpin' Zebra Cape

Item#: FW1261

Big Pimpin' Zebra Cape

Purple crushed velvet cape with zebra velvet trim, high collar and chain closure.

$19.95 ea



See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately. Great Black or Purple


Big Daddy Dollar Mascot

Item#: F58181

Big Daddy Dollar Parade Mascot Costume

Includes Oversize Headpiece w/Hat, Chest Piece w/Face and Hair and Tunic

$70.00 ea (Only 1 left. Please contact us to confirm stock before ordering.



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