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Santa Wig & Beard Set


Deluxe, Washable Santa Wig and Beard Set / Boxed (Much Much Nicer than Picture!!)

Item#: CX033

Care Instructions: Hand wash, mild soap, flat dry, re-shape/re-roll

Made in Italy, NOT CHINA!


Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

See Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

Click Here to see Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings

Angel Costumes for Adults and Children

Angel Wings for Adults and Children


Party Decorations


To See Shimmer Curtains or Float Skirt or Centerpieces or Other Decorations

See Awards Night Page


See Graduation Page 



Mrs. Claus
White Flowing wig

Flowing Wig

Item: 31080 White

(pictured in Blonde but great in White for Mrs. Claus)

$7.50 ea


Limited Quantity. Email if you need more than 1 to confirm stock before ordering

Mrs. Claus Wig

Deluxe White Colonial
Mrs. Claus

 Pictured in Blonde.

Offered on this page in White Only


Item#: 32920 White




Santa Wig & Beard

Santa Wig/Beard Set

santa_wig_beard.JPG (78536 bytes)

Item#: CS 21  


Select Packaging:
Individual - $10.00 ea
12 - $7.50 ea ($90.00)

Santa Belt

Deluxe 3.75" Santa Belt w/Gold Buckle

(37"-44" +/- waist)

(44 - 50" +/- waist)

santa_belt.JPG (29592 bytes)

 Item#: Santa Belt


Select Packaging:
Standard Individual - $10.00 ea

12 Standard  - $8.00 ea ($96.00)

Large Individual - $12.50 ea
12 Large  - $10.00 ea ($120.00)


Lame Elf Set (4pc Set)

Item#: RM 375 Elf

*Padded Hat
*One Size Tunic Dress w/Collar

lame elf costume.jpg (47482 bytes)

One Size Fits Most


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $16.00 ea ($64.00)

Christmas Vests

Plastic coated Paper Merry Christmas vests

Christmas Vest

Item: Vest-Xmas

$2.75 ea


Note: This is almost sold out. Let us know if you need more than 6pcs

Santa's Helper Set

Economy Elf Hat & Collar Set

Item#: F52118

elf_hat&collar_set.JPG (47669 bytes)

Sold out. 

Special orders possible for minimum 2dz.


Santa Glasses

Item#: Santa Glasses

Copy of santa square glasses.JPG (63358 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $2.00 ea
12 - $1.50 ea ($18.00)

Santa Set

Economy Velvet Santa Set
Standard Size only


Item#: Santa Set RVE

red velvet econ santa set.JPG (55459 bytes)

Includes Jacket / Pants / Boot tops / Belt / Hat / Beard



Belly Stuffer

Santa Belly Stuffer

See our Costume Accessory Page
towards the bottom for a Belly Stuffer


White Gloves

Short or long white gloves available. See our Gloves on our Hose/Gloves/Stocking Page


Santa Claus Suit

Extra Value Santa Set. Light Weight Short Plush Velour with white Fur Trim

Standard    Item#: F55943

Santa Value Costume

Includes Pants/ Jacket/ Hat/ Belt/ Boot Tops

Size Xtra Large    Item#: F56180


Select Size:
Standard - $40.00 ea
Xtra large - $50.00 ea


Miss Santa Suit

Item#: F56970


Miss_Santa_Suit_f56970.JPG (89832 bytes)

Includes Dress/ Belt / Cape / Hat

One Size/ Standard



Economy Mrs. Santa Dress & Hat set

econ mrs santa.JPG (46392 bytes)

Standard Only Runs a bit large (10/12)

Includes Dress & Hat

Looks GREAT with our deluxe Santa Belt offered on this page.


Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.95 ea  **
4 - $10.00 ea ($40.00) **

**Close-Out Prices

Economy Santa Set

Standard Size

econ santa suit.JPG (46574 bytes)

Includes Pants/Jacket / Belt / Hat & Beard

(44" Jacket / 40" waist)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $15.00 ea ($60.00)

Boot Tops & Deluxe belt Sold Separately

Santa Hand Bell

Item#: F50257

Santa Bell


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.75 ea
12 - $2.95 ea ($35.40)*Limit 1

Extra Large Economy Santa Set

Item#: F60918

Santa Economy XLG Set


Costume includes Jacket / Pants /Belt / Beard-Mustache / Hat

Boot Tops, Gloves & Deluxe belt Sold Separately


Item#: Halo Marabou

feather_halo.JPG (36650 bytes)

Click Here to see Halos and other Angel Costumes and Accessories



Item#: Halo Silver

tinsel_halo.jpg (11610 bytes)


Click Here to see Halos and other Angel Costumes and Accessories

 Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

See our Website dedicated to Angels and Fairies

Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings

Santa Costume

Deluxe Plush Santa Suit Set

Item#: F58990

Santa Suit Dlx Plush Costume

$60.00 ea

Standard (fits up to Jacket size 42)

Includes Hat/Jacket / Belt/ Pants/ Boot Tops

Optional: Wig & Beard Set / Gloves / Glasses



Deluxe Santa Set

Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit Set

Item#: F58991

Santa Deluxe Velvet Costume

Standard $65.00 ea  XLarge $75.00

Standard (fits up to Jacket size 42)

Includes Hat / Jacket / Belt / Pants/ Boot Tops


Select Size:
Standard (#F58991)- $65.00 ea
Xtra large (#F59006) - $75.00 ea


Plush Economy Santa Set

Item#: Santa Set/Pl

plush santa suit.JPG (44088 bytes)

Economy Santa Set

$25.00 ea *

* Quantity Limited. Email to confirm stock if you need more than 1

Note, this costume is much, much Nicer & thicker material than the Standard Economy.

Standard Only (42" Jacket/ 44" waist)

Top/ Pants/ Tie Rope Belt/ Hat/ Beard

Boot Tops & Deluxe belt Sold Separately


Note: Purchase Deluxe Santa Belt and Boot Tops Separately

Animal Masks


See Rat/Mouse and other Animal Masks on Animal Mask Page

Miss Candy Cane

Item#: F59485

Miss_Candy_Cane_f59485.JPG (61084 bytes)

Fits to size 14/16

Includes Headband w/ Candy Cane/ Dress / Gloves w/Bell Bracelets/ Boot Tops


Select Packaging:
Individual - $25.00 ea
4 - $22.00 ea ($88.00)


Candy Cane Thigh High Hose Now Available Below.

Click Here to see our other Hose/Stockings page


Mr. Peppermint

Item#: F59475

Mr_Peppermint_f59475.JPG (68095 bytes)

Fits up to chest size 42

Includes Oversized Top Hat / Bow Tie / Vest


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $17.00 ea ($68.00)
12 - $15.00 ea ($180.00) *Special Limit 1


Santa Beard

Item#: CS21 Econ

Santa Beard & Mustache

Santa Beard


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.00 ea
12 - $2.00 ea ($24.00)
48 - $1.50 ea ($72.00) *Special Limit 1


Santa's Elf Mascot

Item#: F55736

$65.00 ea

santas_elf_mascot.JPG (95436 bytes)

Ideal for our Holiday Parades!

Santa's Oversized Elf includes oversized Head/Hat  w/ see thru eye mesh, hair poncho with attached face, ears and collar, tunic with attached belt & boot tops



Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

See Angel Costumes and Angel Wings on our dedicated Webpage

Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings


Reindeer Mascot

Item#: F64251

$90.00 ea

Reindeer Mascot




Reindeer Kit with Sound

Item#: F61728

Reindeer Antlers, Red Nose & Tail Set with Sound

Reindeer Kit Includes Antler Headband, Red Nose and Tail with Sound

$10.00 ea


Note: We have a couple of units without sound we can offer for $7.50 ea. Email us!

Santa Sack

(+/-34" x 34" w/ 12" FLAP)

santa sack red velvet.JPG (82249 bytes)

Red or Crimson (Dark Red/Burgundy) 

Velvet Oversized Santa Sacks

Black Cord Ties w/ bells

Item#: Santa Sack


Select Color:
Red   Crimson  Assorted 

Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
12 - $15.00 ea ($180.00)

Large Quantity Quotes available for 48 or more. Email us.

Candy Cane Thigh High Stockings

Item#: F66106

Candy Cane Thigh High Hose





Sexy Christmas Cowgirl

Item#: F61449

Christmas Cowgirl

One Size / Standard

Includes: Hat, Scarf, Vest, Gloves, Chaps

25.00 ea


Only 1 left!

Mr. Santa

Item#: F58556

mr_santa_f58556.JPG (85646 bytes)

Includes Boxer Shorts and Hat

Sold Out.  Special order possible for minimum 2dz


Lil' Elf Costume

Item#: R11650

$10.00 ea

1-2 Years Only

Lil_Elf.jpg (89724 bytes)

Jumpsuit & Headpiece



Crafty Elf Masks

Item#: EM2

elf_masks.jpg (76748 bytes)

         Purchase Elf Masks on Mask Pages

Elf Shoes

Green or Red Rubber Elf Shoes /Adult One Size

Item#: F51730


elf_shoes_rubber.JPG (60870 bytes)

Green Only! Red is Sold Out



Silver Star Mask

Makes Great Hanging Silver Stars Also or Centerpieces

silver_star_mask.jpg (56049 bytes)

Item#: T 35

Purchase on Mask Page Character Masks

Deluxe Boot-Tops

Item#: Bootcvr Dlx

$12.00 pr

boot_tops_deluxe.JPG (51832 bytes)



Deluxe Lace Up Boot tops now in stock also

Picture coming Soon

Item#: Bootcvr Lace-up




Santa Helper Set

Item#: F61452 or F61519

Santa Helper Costume

Includes Hat / Tunic / Belt

Standard Item#: F61452  $15.00 ea

Xtra Large Item#: F61519 $17.50 ea


Select Size:
Standard - $15.00 ea
Xtra large - $17.50 ea

Angel Wings and Costumes

Angel & Fairy Costumes & Wings

Deluxe Velvet Long Gown

Ideal for that Formal Holiday Affair

Item#: L 8084

$30.00 ea

velvet gothic long dress1.JPG (51336 bytes)

Dress Only. Does Not include Black Feather Wings shown in Picture


Select Size:
Small/Medium   Medium/Large

Click Here to see and purchase Black Feather Wings like Pictured w/Costume

Deluxe Lame Elf Shoes

Item#: F51489

lame_elf_shoes_f51489.JPG (72148 bytes)

$6.50 pr



Scrooge Nightshirt & Hat

  Standard Size  Item#: F67642

Plus Size  Item#: F67643

Scrooge Nightshirt & Cap Costume


Select Size:
Standard ($20.00 ea)  Plus ($24.00 ea)

Quantities Limited. Email the office if you need more than 1

Plush Santa Hat

Item#: HR22023

Santa Deluxe Plush Hat

Made in the USA!

Quality Oversize Plush Santa Hat with Gathered Seam and Gold Bell on the End. Measures 24in before the Bell End.


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.50 ea
12 - $2.85 ea ($34.20) *Limit 1


Elf Hat

Deluxe Adult Burgundy/Green Elf Hat

elf hat.JPG (38137 bytes)

Item#: Elf Hat


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.50 ea
12 - $3.00 ea ($36.00)


Economy Santa Hat

santa hat econ.JPG (54792 bytes)

Item#: Santa Hat

Larger than Most Other Economy Hats

16 inches tall / 24 inch head opening


Select Packaging:
Individual - $1.50 ea
24 - $1.00 ea ($24.00)
144 - $.75 ea ($108.00)


Santa's Helper Elf Costume

Item#: F62596

$20.00 ea

Santa's Helper Elf Unisex Costume

Unisex Costume

Complete Costume. Unisex Light Weight Felt Costume

Includes Hat with Bells / Collar with Bells / Top-Dress with Oversize Sleeves / Belt and Elf Booties with Bells

One Size fits Adults up to Chest Size 42


Wear Black Tights or Black Pants (not included)


Christmas Apron Set

Velour Apron and Hat Set

Item#: HR25003

Christmas Apron Set

$8.50 ea



Infant Costumes

Baby Grinch Bunting & Hat

Baby Grinch Bunting Costume

Click Here to see Infant Costumes

Infant Costumes

Cat in the Hat Baby Bunting & Hat

Cat in the Hat Infant Bunting

Sold Out


Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings